Al Thabti green jewel of Ibra

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Al Thabti green jewel of Ibra

IBRA: Al Thabti village in the Wilayat of Ibra is one of the most important villages in the wilayat for its historic, economic and tourist importance in Ibra in particular and in the North A’Sharqiyah Governorate in general. Al Thabti village is located in the centre of the wilayat, which lies about 170 km from the capital Muscat. Al Thabti village is famous for its green as it is regarded a farming village and it sells its produce to various markets in the wilayat and neighboring wilayats.
323944In the summer, the village grows varieties of crops ranging from palm products, citrus, alfalfa and other agricultural products. The village is also famous for its old market, renowned for its Eid market, which is seen as one of the most important markets in the wilayat along with others markets in Al Sifalah, Al Alayah and Al Yahmdi.
The villagers at Al Thabti relied on Al Thabti Falaj “ancient irrigation system or water channels” to irrigate their farms.
The Falaj is the most popular one in the wilayat, which recently returned to the runoff after a break of more than 15 years.
The naming of Al Thabti village came after the stability of its Falaj at a time when the Aflaj “water channels” of neighboring villages dried up during drought.
In Al Thabti village, there are many old mosques and monuments that tell the history of scholars, teachers and sheikhs of the village through the ages, as well as a number of schools teaching the Holy Quran.
Other famous landmarks in Al Thabti village is Al Owaisiyah Mosque, which is located at the bottom of the village.
It is one of the old historic landmarks, in addition to the archeological Bait Awlad Hakim “old house”.Craft industries vary at Al Thabti village, practiced and maintained by villagers since very old times, such as weaving, spinning, daggers manufacturing, ornaments, leather tanning, shoe making, in addition to industries from date palms fronds.
Al Thabti village enjoyed achievements of the Blessed Renaissance era, embodied in many development projects, such as Al Thabti Basic Education School. — ONA

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