Incredible Hawyat Najm

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Incredible Hawyat Najm

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Oman is bestowed with numerous tourism potential places with natural attractions including sea, sand and sun, castles, forts and beautiful parks. The authorities in the country have developed these God-given gifts for everyone to enjoy, people from inside and outside the Sultanate.
Hawyat Najm Park (Arabic meaning Meteor Fall Park) is one such place near to the capital city in the Wilayat of Qurayat in Governorate of Muscat.
Bimmah Sinkhole in the middle of the park is the main attraction of the place. It has occurred naturally due to limestone erosion and the collapse of the rocks forming the massive pond like hole.
Recently it has become a very popular destination for visitors as one of the important coastal parks in the Sultanate.
The park can be reached from the City of Muscat through the dual-carriageway Al Amerat — Qurayat — Sur, linking the Wilayat of Al Amerat and the Wilayat of Qurayat. The distance from the Wilayat of Al Amerat to the park is about 140 kilometres.
Once reaching the place, one can understand how popular is the park and how it is crowded with tourists coming from different governorates of the Sultanate, accompanied by their families, in addition to tourists who love camping and hiking from Arab and foreign countries residing in the Sultanate.
At the gate of the park, there is a board by the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality in the Wilayat of Qurayat, which oversees the park that carries the instructions and general guidance for visitors.
There is also a security point at the entrance with officials with the task of guiding visitors, showing them the way to the facilities.
The park is equipped with facilities, including the green spaces, paved walkways, shaded rest areas, benches, games for kids, drinking water facility, and comfort station. The park overlooks the Sea of Oman, and enjoys a range of geographical rocky mountains and soft sand, in addition to the mild weather and temperatures.
What makes the park more beautiful is the beach that surrounds it from the east, surrounded by the west by a desert area and the towering mountains behind, which lies in the agricultural Al Arabiyeen valley in the Wilayat of Qurayat. On the north side lies Dhabab area whereas the park is surrounded on the south-eastern side by Ras A’Shajarah Sanctuary of the Office for Conservation of Environment at the Diwan of Royal Court, which includes deer, ibex and other animals and different birds.
The Bimmah Sinkhole in the middle of the park, a wide and deep hole, like a water well, but larger and much broader, gives the park its name “Hawyat Najm”.
The hole is more than 10 metres deep, at the bottom there is salty water, coming from the nearby sea, which is only about three kilometres away. Some visitors to the park swim in it. They get down by a staircase made by the municipality.
Shaikh Ali bin Humaid al Ghuzaili, In-charge of Dhabab Village said that ‘Hawyat Najm’ Park exists since time immemorial. He said that the site was discovered thousands of years ago. It was called in the past “Al Faqa’a” then changed into “Hawyat Najm”. — ONA

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