Workout over dieting for Kimberley Walsh

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Workout over dieting for Kimberley Walsh

Singer-songwriter Kimberley Walsh says she hates dieting, but loves to work out to keep herself fit.
The former Girls Aloud singer had to adhere to a strict diet when she competed on reality TV show Strictly Come Dancing in 2012. She admits that calorie counting is boring and so, she doesn’t do it anymore.
“When it’s incorporated into your daily workout schedule, then you don’t really have to think about it. So, as soon as I’d stopped completely — the show, the tour — then I had to take up the training at the gym,” quoted Walsh as saying.
“I’m over the diet thing though. I think it’s worth working out so you can have a life and eat. It’s a bit antisocial when you’re on a diet, and calorie counting is boring. So, I don’t really do it anymore,” said Walsh.
The 31-year-old also likes to go biking.
“It’s a great way of keeping fit, it’s just the hills you have to be careful of. I think it’s a nice thing to do with the family, take the kids and do it. As a kid I feel like I spent so much time on a bike and I don’t think kids do anymore, which is a shame,” she added.
Melissa McCarthy wants to apologise to mother: Actress-comedian Melissa McCarthy (pictured) says she wants to apologise to her mother for using almost 190 cuss words in the film The Heat.
“I have to blame director Paul Feig. If I said three obscenities, the only thing I’d hear from Paul was, ‘Go for one more’. I think our total was up to 190. I’m going to need to apologise to my mom,” quoted McCarthy as saying.
The 42-year-old, who has kids Vivian, six, and Georgette, three, with actor-husband Ben Falcone, said she was thrilled with her husband’s presence on the set. He has a cameo in the movie.
“It was wonderful, and not because I missed him in the scene. Anytime I get a chance to work with him, it’s a delight for me. He’s really funny,” added McCarthy.
Depp escaped being crushed by horse: Hollywood actor Johnny Depp was almost trampled over by a horse while he was filming for his latest movie The Lone Ranger.
The 50-year-old actor insisted on doing as many action scenes himself as possible in the film, but he admits he regretted his decision when he was thrown off his horse Scout, and dragged for almost 25 yards, reports
“We’d been running the horses pretty hot that day and went down a couple of paths. That all worked out fine until we changed paths in order to get closer to the camera car. Scout decided to jump over a few obstacles. So yeah, user error,” he said.
“You would expect to be riddled with fear or adrenaline, but I saw everything very clearly, which was the horse’s muscular front legs moving at a dangerous speed,” Depp recalled.
“I was still holding on to the mane like an idiot trying to get back up and at a certain point you have to make a decision, do I go down and hit the deck on my own? Or do I wait for the hoof to split my face in two? So I decided to go down on my own and then, incredibly, the horse lifted its front legs and he missed me,” he added. It was a scary moment for Depp, but he was thereafter.
“He could have crushed me in seconds. I was lucky that the horse’s instincts were good. I hit the deck and then stood up. Everybody was yelling at me, ‘Stay down!’ But I felt fine and just stood up and shook it off.” — IANS

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